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Television Isn't The Only Form of Entertainment

by Kelly And Forrest Real Estate 09/02/2019

After work and hustle, the landing pad for many in their homes is the couch, holding a remote control and watching TV. TV is fun, and it is such a great way to relax. However, considering long-term effects, it is not your best option. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, or so the cliché goes; the efficiency of the TV as the go-to for entertainment has some drawbacks like the monthly payments for cable TV, lower attention span and juvenile TV addiction... just to highlight a few.

So, what happens when the drawbacks of the choice of TV for entertainment are no longer wanted or perhaps the option is even unavailable? Whether for temporary arrangements or a permanent lifestyle change, here is a list of great 'other ways' besides TV to relax and stay entertained:

Those shows don't actually have to go

The internet has almost everything implying that those TV shows, programs, and movies are alive and well on it. Apps like YouTube and Netflix are excellent sources for worthwhile entertainment. You can also watch shows using TV channels' apps on your smartphone (most of these apps are FREE).

Let the games begin

Video games, word games, and the likes have the edge over viewing TV. You're more actively engaged or at least your fingers and minds are. Playing development-oriented yet casual games can be both productive and relaxing at the same time.

Let in the air

Such outdoor activities as a visit to the beach, an evening stroll, a bit of wandering during coffee breaks and just being in the present moment are all very relaxing and entertaining if some effort is put into them.

Getting exercise and serenade from fresh air outdoors is a verified physical and emotional health booster. Not only will you feel relaxed, but your body also gets fitter at the same time when done consistently. Outdoor entertainment is a good suggestion.

Book Clubs

There are many benefits of reading quality books which cannot be overestimated. If diamonds are the zenith of mineral value, books are the zenith of intellectual bliss. Reading interesting books for a while daily is an excellent way to relax and learn simultaneously. Reading e-books and paperbacks should be done with good lighting to prevent eyestrain.

Download, purchase, rent, or borrow a book, get comfy and start an interesting journey today.

About the Author

Kelly And Forrest Real Estate

Teamwork! Beth and Megan have been working together for over eight years serving Charlotte through community service. Now they are combining their knowledge of the real estate market and construction to deliver a wide collection of services to our buyer and seller clients. Sometimes two brains are better than one.

Megan has enjoyed watching Charlotte grow over the past 22 years. She came to real estate after working in commercial interiors in Charlotte, Boston and the Bay Area. She consulted with interior designers and clients, created floor plans, and designed beautiful spaces. She can’t wait to apply this practical experience to helping you discover your perfect home in your perfect neighborhood. Megan has devoted much time to volunteering in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and supports The Augustine Literacy Project. Megan is always up for an adventure. She can be found touring a castle, climbing a rock wall or going on an archaeological dig. She is an Ohio native who does not miss the lake effect snow. 

Beth entered real estate with a business background, but interior design passion. Her experience includes management, strategic planning and market analysis for a large corporate entity. In addition, Beth grew up as a military brat and is married to a US Navy veteran. Thus, she understands first hand the emotional and logistical challenges of relocating. She is an avid community servant, volunteering in schools and local shelters. Her entire family is committed to volunteering for 24 of Booty, a local cancer charity event. Her children attended both private and public schools so she is intimately familiar with the education system in Charlotte area. Because of her community involvement and connections, she is well suited to thoroughly navigate the Charlotte market. When not showing clients around Charlotte,she can be found exploring the NC mountain trails with her husband, kids and dog, Lily!